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This an amateur weather station, set up on a private house in the village of Eynsham, about 6 miles to the West of Oxford, UK. The sensors comprise a WH1080 system and are monitored and recorded using the British "Cumulus" weather software program.
Please note that this is a weather station whose value is more for recording rather than for forecasting. It will give an approximate forecast only for the next 12 hours or so - using the so-called "Zambretti Scale" - which gives reasonable results but only for a short period ahead. The station continuously records Temperature and Humidity; Wind Speed and Direction; and Rainfall and the data is uploaded to this website every five minutes.
For a detailed 10 day forecast together with historic and more local weather information, please go to the weather underground site. This is part of an international system and contains all the current and past data from this weather station. The data there is updated every 4 seconds and the forecast is updated every 60 minutes.

This page last updated 13/08/2014